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Independent Candidate Gary Franco Endorses Brian Luke

Libertarian Brian Luke has received the endorsement of 2nd Congressional District independent candidate Gary Franco. Franco finished third in the August primary and subsequent primary recount. The 2nd Congressional District includes all or parts of Snohomish, Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island counties. Luke will go up against incumbent Democrat Congressman Rick Larsen.

Franco states that the two most important issues causing unnecessary harm to all citizens of the 2nd Congressional District are “a bankrupting and reckless fiscal debt that has increased over 500% since Rick Larsen has become our Congressman” and “an out of control military industrial complex that is bankrupting our country.”

Franco says that, “Brian Luke understands how fiscally irresponsible Larsen has been in creating this looming debt crisis for every citizen, especially our youth.” Franco further states that the “military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about 60 years ago continues to waste trillions of tax dollars on a disastrous 16 year foreign policy binge financed by debt dollars! Luke is not afraid to inform us about the truth of what is happening to us!”

Franco concludes that, “Luke is honest, correct on the important issues, and therefore gets my enthusiastic support. I hope my fellow 2nd District citizens will also support Luke to be our next Congressman. It is time for a change.”

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