What size is college ruled paper

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College ruled paper – a small written work on a particular topic, an overview of sources in some direction. Typically, the purpose of the essay is – the collection and systematization of knowledge on a particular topic or problem

The subject of the essay should fascinate, first, the student himself, because he will have to work hard on its disclosure. Teachers offer topics of essays, as a rule. The student chooses an interesting topic for him from the general list and coordinates his choice with the teacher. In the course of the work, the student not only obtains information in a certain area, but also develops practical skills for analyzing scientific literature. Below are the main requirements for the design of the work. You should remember that some departments of the university have developed their own rules for the design of the college ruled paper.

Student should make and structure

Headings are capitalize; word hyphenation is not allow. If the heading consists of two sentences, they are separate by a dot. At the end of the title, do not put an end. The distance between the title and the subsequent text should be at least 10 mm.

Title page

The title page is the first page of the college ruled paper, filled in according to strictly defined rules and drawn up on a separate sheet of paper (download sample). Standards for registration of the title page may depend on the standards adopted at the department. Therefore, it is recommend to be acquainted with the works of predecessors, senior students. Nevertheless, there is a generally accepted standard for the design of the title page of the essay.

Main text

The main text is divide into chapters. If the text is rather voluminous, the chapters are further divide into paragraphs. Chapters can be complete with conclusions, although this is not a requirement for a college ruled paper. Chapters and paragraphs of the college ruled paper numbered. There is no dot after the number. The paragraph number of the college ruled paper includes the number of the relevant chapter, separated by a period from its own number, for example: “1.3”.

If the essay is small (total volume – 8-10 pages), then it can be not divided into chapters, but simply indicates “Main Part”, which serves as the title of a single chapter. However, it is still preferable that the text be divide into chapters (at least two). Usually in the college ruled paper 3-4 chapters. Each new chapter begins with a new page. The main part of the college ruled paper has 6-16 pages.